Paloma sells its Jericho Cosmetics products worldwide through a channel of professional distributors. If you are: a cosmetics company with an existing brand looking to expand with an additional and unique brand, or a distributor of complementary cosmetics products looking to penetrate the cosmetics market, then we at Paloma have a unique opportunity for you. Join our successful Jericho Cosmetics sales network and:

  • Expand sales and revenue by purchasing our products at attractive wholesale rates that give you enough profit margins to sell them to retail stores and chains or directly to the end user
  • Offer your customers a broader and more diverse product line
  • Offer your customers unique and proven Dead Sea products to improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers
  • Work with a reliable and flexible supplier and partner

About Paloma Dead Sea Ltd.

Established in 1982, Paloma Dead Sea Ltd. was the first company to develop and market cosmetic and therapeutic products that offer a unique combination of Dead Sea salts, minerals, and black mud. With over 30 years of proven results, Paloma Dead Sea Ltd. is today a leader in the Natural Health and Beauty Products industry.

Why Paloma Dead Sea Ltd?

  • More than 20 years’ of experience in developing, manufacturing and delivering products to a wide range of customers including hotels, cosmetics companies and distributors worldwide.
  • Ongoing investment in qualified and experience chemists, top natural raw materials including vegetable extracts, plants and natural oils, and sophisticated manufacturing and packaging equipment enables maximum capacity for producing high-quality products.
  • Paloma is licensed by the Ministry of Health, and all Paloma products comply with ISO 9002 standards, and are GMP-certified and FDA-approved.
  • Paloma products have been researched, developed and tested by experts in the field.
  • Wide range of top-quality cosmetics and therapeutic products at competitive prices.
  • Low risk due to low and flexible minimum quantity requirements.
  • Fast service, samples, and a variety of marketing tools including images, posters and brochures to support your activities and save you time and resources.
  • Wholesale rates and freedom to define the retail price based on the market and competition offer flexibility and facilitate a high-profit retail margin.

Why Jericho Cosmetics?

  • Developed in 1983 by Paloma Dead Sea Ltd, Jericho Cosmetics is the first brand that offers the unique therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of Dead Sea minerals
  • Well-established and proven brand
  • Recently underwent rebranding
  • Wide range of standard and premium products − developed for men and women from all walks of life
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