The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea

1,320 feet below sea level, in the lowest place on earth, you can find the liveliest site in the world – the Dead Sea . With an average of 330 full sunny days a year and Oxygen-rich atmosphere, the Dead Sea is a precious jewel of healing and relaxation for people worldwide.

The Dead Sea contains a high concentration of minerals that have seeped from rocks and soil and have been carried by springs to the Dead Sea , which has no outlet. Minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, Potassium and Iron are known for their ability to calm aching muscles and joints, stimulate natural circulation, smooth and soften the skin and help relieve stress and tension.

The Dead Sea black mud is a homogeneous mixture of Dead Sea minerals, important organic elements from the shoreline as well as sulfurous earth – all which have proven their therapeutic effects on both body and spirit.

The marvelous properties of the Dead Sea have been treasured since the days of King Solomon and Queen Cleopatra. Its minerals and mud have been extracted over the years to produce perfumes, medicine and cosmetics.

Dead Sea Benefits

The Dead Sea minerals affect both body and mind as follows:


  • Draw out impurities in skin
  • Soothe itching, burning and bites
  • Smooth and soften skin
  • Encourage skin to renew itself
  • Help scars heal
  • Restore moisture balance to the skin
  • Sulfur eliminates toxins, increases blood circulation and purifies the skin
  • Relieve skin disorder symptoms
  • Prevent and relive bacteria infections

Muscles and Bones

  • Relax tense, aching muscles and joints
  • Help relieve arthritis and rheumatism
  • Help relieve chronic lower back pain and sport injuries


  • Provide deep relaxation
  • Help relieve stress and tension
  • Promote restfulness